AccessPoint RI Leadership

President and CEO
Tracey Cunningham-Martins

Board of Directors

Elissa O'Brien - Chair
Scott Libman - Vice Chair
Daniel Majcher - Treasurer
Elaine Lyden - Secretary

Marie Bianco
Tracey Cunningham-Martins
Kevin DelBonis
Kevin Flynn
Donna Sams
Sandra Sneesby
Rosemary Rotelli

Senior Mangement

Chief Operating Officer
Kevin McHale

Director of Human Resources
Maureen Russo

Director of Clinical Services
Gary Paulhus

Director of Program Services
Sharon Stewart

Director of Program Development
Rory Carmody

Director of Residential Services
Korrine Pilkington

Director of Cornerstone School
Patricia Krakowsky

Program Administrator of Children’s Services
Joanne Savoie