Home Based Therapeutic Services HBTS

Home Based Therapeutic Services

Home Based Therapeutic Services is a program designed to support children with a variety of needs and/or developmental disabilities. Our staff members work closely with families, providing support and therapeutic guidance to assist children to learn the skills to be successful at home and in their communities.

Children typically learn:

  • daily life skills for their everyday routines
  • how to handle strong feelings
  • positive behaviors
  • coping skills
  • social awareness
  • social skills

As children gain success in more areas of their lives, they develop a greater sense of independence and self-confidence. Additionally, our staff supports families to learn the teaching strategies that best promote their child's ongoing development.

For more information about HBTS, please contact

Korrine Pilkington
Program Director
401-228-3940 x 1
Korrine Pilkington


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