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Welcome to AccessPoint RI

Access a Fuller Life!


At AccessPoint RI, we empower people with differing abilities to live with dignity, respect, equality and choice throughout their lives.

We form partnerships with individuals and families, assisting people to pursue what is important to them. Whether it’s a family seeking assistance to optimize a child’s development, an adult who may need support to live independently, or an individual who wants job training to find employment, AccessPoint’s knowledgeable and caring staff is there to help each person live a fuller life.

Letter from the Chair of our Board of Directors
announcing AccessPoint RI’s new President & CEO

Dear Family and Friends of AccessPoint RI,

Happy Spring to you and your family! 

For me, Spring has always been a time to welcome and celebrate new beginnings.  By the end of April, I always feel hopeful for what will come in the Summer and Fall.  Here at AccessPoint RI (APRI), we are welcoming a new beginning and we have lots to be hopeful about.

The APRI Board of Directors is excited to announce that we have hired Tracey Cunningham-Martins as our next President & CEO.  Tracey will be taking over for longtime President & CEO Thomas Kane.  Under his leadership, the organization has grown and now serves close to 1,000 children and adults annually.  We are forever grateful to Tom for his hard work and dedication to our organization and to individuals living with IDD. Read More