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Our Approach to Vocational Training  
Fast track to career success

Are you thinking about entering the workforce but see a number of obstacles ahead? For many people, a little of the right support can go a long way toward opening the door to workplace success.

At AccessPoint, we’ve trained thousands of people for their careers. Our specialty is brief yet comprehensive training that provides a quick path into the workforce.

Our training programs serve individuals with diverse needs. Some of our students have been out the workforce a very long time. Some have disabilities. Some have yet to develop the skills, experience and confidence they need to get a job.

What makes our training so powerful? We are fully behind your success.

The curriculum for each of our trainings is designed to give you competitive skills for your field of employment. We’ll guide you step-by-step, providing personalized support to foster your skill development.

You’ll also find we go beyond simply teaching you the job skills you need for your career. Our instructors will help you to grow in areas that are important for job success.

Throughout our training, we’ll support you to: 

  • Build confidence
  • Develop motivation to succeed
  • Learn professionalism
  • Boost communication skills
  • Manage work relationships